laser show

what is "laser show"?

8 week program designed to:

  1. Increase your bat-speed & exit velocity

  2. Learn how your body impacts your swing (what each piece does).

  3. Improve your confidence at the plate.

  4. Improve your contact

  5. Teach you how to SELF improve your swing. (You will develop your OWN hitting philosophy when you are finished).

You tired of going hot to cold at the plate? You can't seem to figure out what makes your swing "GO"? Maybe you're big enough but just can't seem to consistenly tap into that power you flash now and again at the plate. Your answer is here! "Laser Show" is an 8-week video training module specifically designed to teach players how to find their own swing. Foundational training sets that allow you to manufacture YOUR perfect swing. 

Hitting is simple but it is certainly not easy; and neither is this program. With special guest Reggie Keen, former Outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers organization and Jabari Graham who hit .430 and finished third in 2008 behind Buster Posey for national batting title in all division one baseball-- you're guaranteed to learn from some of the best natural hitters college baseball has seen.