Inexpensive But EFFECTIVE Hitting Tool!

The good ole whiffle ball. Know who else was an advocate for this inexpensive yet timeless hitting tool? Yup, one of the greatest hitters the game has ever seen...TONY GWYNN!!! This thing is good for SO many reasons but it's great because it is safe, can be used with limited resources, and can help you with immediate results.

One of the first questions I always ask my hitters after a first session is, "Do you own a batting tee?"

But here's the problem, half of them that say yes either have NO baseballs or NOTHING to hit into!!! Welp, in steps the Whiffle ball. It's just as effective as the baseball is when it comes to training and may actually be more beneficial in ways.


- It's more safe

-Requires less space to use

-Doesn't need a catch net for practice

Those are just a FEWWWW ways. I could rattle off plenty more for you for sure. So, for now, my parents and players that have limited resources...stop making excuses. Go to the store pick up a bucket of whiffle balls and let your kids get to work!!


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