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Pure Hitter's Blueprint

What is the PHB program about?

Designed and implemented by me, Raphael Turner (@thathittingguy), this is a 4 week program I have developed from years of personal playing and training experience. It is the foundation I set for ALL the hitters I work with in person; whether pro or amateur, to help them understand who they are in the batter's box. This program will establish the foundation you need to feel, understand, and most importantly apply the knowledge needed to generate whatever result you are looking for at the plate. It is a monthly private Facebook group where I teach a new lesson weekly and provide feedback on video "homework" submitted by participants. 

Who is it for?

This program was engineered for the player that wants to know WHY! This is crucial to the application process (in game results and adjustments) because if you do not know why, then you do not know when or what to correct. Players that are looking to improve their power numbers and have consistent quality contact...YOU NEED THIS!

Next steps...

When applying, you will be directed to the PHB Facebook Group Page. Please take the time to answer the 3 questions provided so that I know where to send your free shirt as well as the invoice for this paid group ($150.00).  If those questions are not answered, you will be declined. Keep in mind, this is a monthly class with only 15 available slots per month. Ex: If you apply during the month of Jan, it will lock you in for the month of Feb if group membership is paid.

Hitter's Action Plan

You can't seem to figure out what is wrong with your swing? Let me do it for you. This is a quick fix trouble shooting method that I use for players wanting a specific drill to work on and help their swing personally. With the H.A.P. I will:

  1. Prescribe drill(s) to address the underlying issue in your swing

  2. Send you video breakdown of the prescribed drill and how to do it properly

  3. Prescribe the drill frequency

What I will need:

I need practice and or game film of the hitter having the HAP conducted. That film must show me multiple swings. Please do not submit one game at-bat or one swing off the tee. Swings on front toss and tee work are preferred so that I can take note of practice habits.

Next Steps...

Purchase your HAP via the PayPal link provided below ($65.00) and allow 24-48 hours for initial response. Please have video ready to be submitted as the sooner you do so, the sooner I can have you back your drill to work on.